Saturday, Aug 24, 2019


Q. Are A.I. Party Rental’s inflatable safe?
A. Our inflatables meet or exceed all standards of TheĀ American Society For Testing Materials (ASTM).
The manufacturer uses only the highest quality products available in the industry.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, we carry a Complete Liability Policy.

Q. What surfaces are needed to set-up a bounce house?
A. Any smooth surface. Grass, concrete, dirt, etc…

Q. Is there a limit of age?
A. From 1-100

Q. How can I make payment?
A. Check or Cash

Q. Can you be reached at all times of the day or night?
A. Yes, our phone numbers are directed to mobile phones which we carry at all times.

Q. Can I have my event at a park?
A. Yes, always check and reserve the park ahead of time with the local parks and recreations department.
If power is not available, we can provide a generator for an extra charge.


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