Saturday, Aug 24, 2019

XL Bounce House


Colors: Bright Yellow/Red/Royal Blue
Dimensions: 15’ x 17' - 14’ high
Pricing: Contact us for a quote
Delivery charges may apply

Need a little extra room?  This extra large jumper will add just the right amount of space for everyone to enjoy.  Inside all of our bounce houses, including our XL bounce house, there is a basketball hoop to add another element of fun and interest.  Durable, safe, and built for fun, the XL bounce house will create a treasured memory for any party, family gathering, or school event.   The kids will ask for this bright and modern jumper again and again.

Our XL bounce house is what is called a modular unit.  This means that it can be attached to the back of our 18′ Rainbow Duel slide creating what we refer to as the XL Mega Combo.  One of the walls inside the XL bounce house can be unzipped and rolled up, so kids can go straight from bouncing to sliding without having to exit the unit.  If you are looking to rent a bounce house during the St. George summer, you may want to consider one of our rentals that have water features like a 18′ slide or a combo unit.  We also have a unique option unavailable anywhere else that I know of,  a water bounce house.  Give us a call for details.

Bounce houses are a great way to keep kids entertained and captivated for hours, maybe even days on end.  It really is quite amazing.  The extra space inside the XL Mega Combo amplifies the fun by allowing for more kids to bounce at the same time.  The added space also seems to keep kids from wanting to leave the jumper.  Sometimes they just want to sit and hang out inside of it.  In addition to the entertainment value, your kids will be getting a great deal of exercise.  I invite you, the parent, to get in one of these things and try jumping for ten minutes.  Unless you’re a marathoner, you will be breathing heavy.




Safety is our number one priority at Ai Party Rentals. Every unit is inspected for cleanliness, secured down properly, and placed in the best location to avoid any injuries. Renters should review the safety rules provided prior to use. While we cannot guarantee safety from every possible scenario, everything possible is done to promote secure use of our products to ensure a fun-filled day.

Inflatables, generally, can accommodate between 8 and 12 children at any given time, depending on the size of the children and the activities planned. Children, ages 2 through 12 years, are considered an appropriate age range for enjoying our bounce houses. Older tweens and teens really enjoy the obstacle courses and 18’ slides.

Ai Party Rentals does not operate our inflatables in high winds or rain. Inclement weather may require an alternate location or different event day.


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